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Adventure Reborn

Packed with never seen before, adrenaline pumping, record breaking water slides, Sagara Mathanam – Water Park is an experience like no other and we have designed this exclusive Water Park to explore a world of unbelievable and fun-packed excitement.

Did not the churning of the ocean which the Kurma supported give rise to the cool moon, Mahalakshmi Kamadhenu (the generous cow), halahalam (the deadly poison) Uchchaisrava (the elegant horse) and their Amrutam (sweet nectar)? As if to respect Siva, the Neelakantha who held the deadly poison in his throat, we have the Neelakantha water falls, a food court on the name of the generous Kamadhenu & the high waterfalls named after Uchchaisrava.

Guests can avail the changing rooms and cafeteria where food of all kinds are available.

In here excitement has a new meaning and adventure will be reborn as you enjoy the best of water park experience at:

Little Krishna Kids Pool
This Kids pool, where your little ones enjoy themselves while we relate them to baby Krishna. This place has water sports for all ages.

Uchchaisrava fountain
The Uchchaisrava fountain is shaped as the seven headed flying horses. The sprinkling of water will tickle your senses. It is a treat to the eyes.

Maya Mohini Cave with Waterfall
We may have seen many water falls, falls which even travel into a cave. But you can be a part of it while the damsel Mohini makes herself visible in different lights. This is surely a nectarine experience.

Neelakantha waterfalls
which is 30 feet high give an experience of the Himalayas. A bridge is made to enable watching this. As you stand here and watch it, you are sure to be drenched in the water sprinkled by the waterfall. Old and young alike can shed all inhibitions and revel in the waters.

Kamadhenu food court
Kamadhenu food court gives you the most sumptuous food in an aesthetic atmosphere. Here you have access to a wide range of cuisines.

Parijata Gardens…
These gardens will enthrall you with flowers as significant as the parijata flowers. This is a garden with a variety of flowers which create a pleasant mood with their sweet scent.

Garuda Slides
The water slides give an experience of a ride on the mighty eagle. The garuda ride is the most significant of all rides here. You get the opportunity to be close to the clouds and have a view of Sri Haridhamam.

SriHaridhamam has an exclusive arrangement for VIPs and the wealthy. Heaven itself is shrunk into small cottages.

Sankhu Teertham Water Fall
By God! It will be a memorable experience to swim in this pool.

Vasuki Crazy River The role of the Snake Vasuki in Ksheerasagara Mathanam is well-known. A route is made in the form of the twisty serpent. It is an experience to have a boat-ride in this route and emerge at the water shades.