The Great Temples of India

about us

The Project aims to develop Replicas of 108 Famous and Great Temples of India which are renowned for their Devotional, Architectural, Historical and Cultural Importance. The concept is designed around offering the average tourist an opportunity to experience a view of 108 famous centers of Hindu Pilgrimage at one place and educate himself on the Social, Spiritual and Cultural aspects of the Temples in India. The Replicas would be developed in such a manner that they provide the Visitors with a similar experience as actually visiting Original Temple. In addition to the Replicas, the Zone would also showcase in various art forms of the Great Epics of Indian Mythology the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

World's Biggest Diya
If a man seeks god he needs to be in light. He has to drive away all the darkness that surrounds him from outside as well as inside. This darkness can only be driven away by a lit diya which brings us light and peace.Hence the concept of diya temple was conceived where people surrounded by darkness of ignorance, negativity and dissatisfaction could come to light where they could find their god. A place where they could find true happiness and peace of mind. A diya acts as a medium of communication between us and the creator.

On the upper side on the petals of Diya, it shall have a group of Vaishnava temple Miniatures. And there shall be 18 Ashtadasha Shakthi Peethams and 12 Dwadasha Jyothirlingas are replicated which can be viewed as a Theme Ride.

Vishnu, Devi & Shiva Panchayatana Live Temples
Not just replicating the temple structures, there shall also be deities of Devi and Shiva Panchayatana for performing daily Puja. Especially, at SriHaridham, vedic priests shall be available to perform puja and other spiritual offerings according to one's gothra and zodiac signs. People from every corner visit these temples, in order to take a dip in the ocean of spirituality.