Himagiri Snow World

To see snow or touch it is still many a man’s dream and we at SriHaridham's Hima Giri make it come true.

Mid summer doesn’t stop you from enjoying snow. You feel you are in the premises of Mt. Everest. In a place of snow we have a good cafeteria, statues of ice, slithering slides…all to thrill you!

A Snow Theme Park where it actually snows seems unbelievable but true where a temperature controlled environment is created at -9*C and artificially manufactured snow is blown in – snow one can see, feel and play in !

Snow Hall The airlock tunnel opens on to the main Snow Hall. Here the temperatures are -5*C to -9*C and the snow is real here unlike the outer area!

The scene is out of the world. The visitor will feel he is transported to an Alpine Village with more Penguins, Snowmen with scarves and top hat and Swiss Chalet type houses all in a row.

The visitors trudge through the snow gazing at the unbelievable scene!

Snow Cafe A completely new concept in coffee shops is this Snow Cafe which is themed like a snow cave with huge icicles dropping from the ceiling.

The chairs and tables are made of ice and even the cups and bowls are made of ice too!

Snow Slides Coming out of the snow Cafe are these giant slides full of snow. It is an unforgettable experience to slide down these slides at top speed.