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SriHaridham - A Divine World
A Thrilling Experience of God's Creation
For. A mystical experience. An adventurous expedition. A world of excitement. An enchanting fantasy. A bundle of joys. SriHaridham - A Divine World is here to become “Truly the Abode of Happiness”.

For the wise elderly, the discerning head of the family, the busy homemaker, the ambitious elder brother and the naughty dearest of all, SriHaridham - A Divine World will be the choicest destination to live the best moments of each and every one. It is here “Sanctity meets Satisfaction of the Soul, Spirit, Mind & Body”.

It’s a well-known fact that that Tirupathi is one of the most popularly visited pilgrim destinations in the world. Lord Balaji, the presiding deity is worshipped daily by thousands of pilgrims from India and abroad. Due to the proximity of Tirupathi to various places and the excellent connectivity and civic infrastructure in place, a growing number of Students, Pilgrims, and Tourists are looking for an excellent Mythological Based Education and Entertainment in this place. Though Tirupati is the abode of Lord Venkateshwara and his temple, it also represents the cultural unity and heritage of India. It’s the Devotional Capital of India.

In view of above faith, Vaishnovi Versatile Ventures Private Limited (known as “VVVPL”, “the Company”) proposed to develop SriHaridham, world’s first mythological theme park under Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the Department of Youth Advancement, Tourism and Culture, Government of Andhra Pradesh on Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis vide GO MS. No. 65, Dt: 14-06-2012 and GO MS. No. 50 and Authorization and Development Agreement Dt: 30-09-2013. SriHaridham project is proposed in an extent of 38 Acres of Land (18 Acres Project Area & 20 Acres Buffer Area) situated in Alipiri, the foothills of Tirumala. The project has been designed to educate and entertain around 8,000 to 12,000 Tourists a day.

SriHaridham project will be a unique and one of its kind’s Theme Park in India with Multi facilities encompassing wide range of Devotion, Leisure, Business Tourism, Recreation, Health Care, Entertainment, Amusement etc. all under one umbrella which will attract a cross section of Tourists viz. Pilgrims, School and College Students, Corporates, NRIs, Middle and Lower Middle Income Groups, etc.

This is an age when spirituality and its importance is taking a back seat under the garb of sophistication. The intention behind the making of SriHardham is to use technology to establish spirituality among mankind. The glory and power of Lord Venkatesa would be spread through the medium of entertainment. SriHaridham would be a soothing place for the devotees who are physically tired after the long wait for the Lord’s glimpse. Once they do have the darshan they are emotionally elated and excited. SriHaridham is transition between the exalted experience of seeing the Lord and the realities of everyday life. (It is a medium to spread more & more awareness about Tirumala).

Come, indulge in an everlasting experience like never before. Because it’s a Thrilling Experience of God’s Creation.